Sweets for my sweet..

Do you know how much sugar your little treasures are getting every day? Does it matter? YES! Sadly many children have too much sugar in their diet which leads to increasing rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay. Shockingly almost a third of children between 2-15y old are considered to be obese. Healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle changes as a family are key to tackling this. As tomorrow marks the start of sugar awareness week, we will focus on sugar intake for now but stay tuned as we explore each of these in the coming weeks.

Be sugar smart and try out some of these tips…

  • Replace sugary drinks with water or milk and limit juice and smoothies to one small drink per day. Try to have this at mealtimes- this limits the amount of time during the day that your teeth are ‘under attack’ from sugar.

  • Fruit and vegetables are great snacks! Dried fruit (like raisins) are very sugary and should be given at mealtimes rather than between meals. (I am certainly guilty of using raisins when out and about to prevent a ‘hangry’ toddler but am trying mini breadsticks instead..)

  • Look at your breakfast cereal! Many are full of sugar, especially the ones marketed for children.. We have reinstituted family porridge in our house- using cinnamon and banana toppings to liven it up. Whoever is up first gets the porridge on…

  • Keep cake, sweets and chocolates as a treat. Even then, try to keep to mealtimes.

We will post on Instagram and twitter every day this week with some more tips about becoming more sugar-aware.. So watch this space!

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