Keeping active in winter

Following on from our New Year’s post, we know that children do best when they are physically active as this helps them to stay healthy. Recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO) are that children under 5 years of age should be physically active for at least 3 hours every day, and school aged children for 60 minutes a day. Yet, in the UK, this can be hard to achieve, especially in January when the days are short and the weather often cold and miserable.

Here are some ideas to help and inspire you…

  1. Encouraging children to walk, scoot or cycle to school or nursery is a great way to incorporate exercise into your day. If you need to drive, consider parking a short distance and walking the last few roads. We often play games en route – who can run to the next lamppost, skip, hop the furthest etc… my children love a competition!

  2. It is so tempting to head straight home after school for TV but some soft play centres and trampoline parks do special after school deals. Alternatively, head out with suitably warm and waterproof clothing for an after school explore – stay safe with reflective clothing and torches!

  3. We own a disco ball!! During the winter months, we often have a ‘bedtime boogie’ after tea – disco ball goes on, children select the music they want and we all have a good dance before bath and bed. Unfortunately, my eldest thinks he’s Craig Revel Horwood so has started giving the rest of us marks out of 10!

  4. We also have a crash mat… sounds dangerous but my children love to practice their forward rolls on this. We have also recently started doing some of the children’s yoga series on You Tube – each session also tells a story so excellent for improving physical health and firing up their imaginations.

How about you…. Any tips for keeping children active in the winter?

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