Child Safety Week

This week is child safety week. Did you know that each day 45 toddlers are taken to hospital because of a fall, and 6 children are admitted every day with significant burns? Now not to freak you out because at some point, all of our children sustain injuries – that’s part of childhood but as parents, it’s part of our role to try and protect them from life changing injuries.

Some hazards around the home to think about include:

1. Button batteries – these are so attractive to young children but if swallowed, or placed in ears or nose, can cause serious erosions – leading to serious illness or even death. Keep well out of the reach of little ones, and if you suspect your child has swallowed one, go immediately to A&E or call 999.

2. Laundry tabs – such a beautiful colour and so squishy! Unfortunately, the detergent inside is very caustic and if swallowed or enters the eyes, can cause serious damage – keep these up high and again, if your child has eaten some/has some in their eye, wash this out with lots of tap water and head to A&E.

3. Medicines – especially Calpol/paracetamol syrup can be very tempting and let’s face it, children are better are breaking into the ‘child safety’ caps than we are – paracetamol in excess doses is dangerous. We quite regularly see children who have enjoyed a good swig out of the bottle, or often have been given it by an older sibling! Please keep these locked in a high medicine cabinet and seek medical help asap if you think your child has had more than the dose on the packet.

4. Hot drinks – we’ve blogged before about this but it really does just take a split second for a young child to pull a hot drink on themselves. Keep these high up/towards the back of a work surface, and if a child does get burnt, put the affected area under cool running water asap and seek medical help.

There is a variety of home safety equipment you can buy to help protect your little ones at home. Whilst helpful, none of these can really replace good supervision and educating your little ones about what they can and can’t do safely. Check out the Child Safety week website for more top tips:

We run courses on looking after your little ones if they have an accident… parents come away feeling empowered and confident that they would know what to do in an emergency… for details of courses, check out Next course 11th June.

Have a safe week!

Dr Rebecca

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