Let's talk pants...

Let’s talk pants…

Unfortunately, being a paediatrician means that not only do we see sick children but we see children who have been neglected and abused. Seeing a child who has been mistreated, often by a loved one or caregiver on whom they depend, is awful.

Being a mother, I find these situations even more difficult to comprehend. I am also terrified to think that my own children are at risk of abuse. So, I have harnessed this anxiety and turned my attention to educating my children about how to stay safe.

My oldest child is still younger than school age but I don’t think that is too young to start teaching him the basics. The NSPCC has some great resources to help with this and with the help of ‘Pantosourus’ he is learning that private parts are private. He knows that if anyone asks to see or touch his private parts then he should say ‘No’ and to come and tell me or his daddy. We gently talk about this at bath time or toilet time and I know he understands. It is important to be open and honest with your children and make sure they feel safe and heard if something is upsetting them.

If you haven’t already met Pantosourus then come and have a look!


Doctor Siobhan

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