This is a great course... really informative and easy to listen to’ 
‘Highly recommended to all Mums of little ones’
‘Very informative and well organised and the content was pitched perfectly for us’.                                                                                February 2017
“The Doctor Bear team recently did a bespoke course at my house for a small group of parents and au pairs. We looked at both minor and major injuries and I now feel so much more confident dealing with any scrapes my children may get into and making that all important decision about when a hospital visit is necessary. The practical sessions were great in making sure we all took on board exactly what to do it a child is choking or not breathing and the Dr Bear team were really clear in their advice. It was great to be taught by people who actually deal with medical emergencies on a daily basis and are not just quoting from a text book. Would highly recommend.”  April 2017
“Everything was really useful- thanks a lot!” 
"Fantastic- thank you- feel far more confident looking after kids"
"Great informative evening, definitely recommend. Thanks. Hope the husband comes to one!"                                                                      May 2017

"Prior to course I would have gone into panic mode, but now I have a clear understanding of what to do if my children get injured, and also when to call for help. I'm so glad I heard about it!" May 2017

"We also recently did a bespoke course for 8 people from our nct group. It was a really useful evening and was great to be able to choose which topics we wanted included. The hands on practical cpr/ choking practice was excellent and gave everyone a chance to practice techniques, giving everyone confidence that they would know exactly what to do in an emergency.
The instructors were really clear and open to any questions, however trivial. The fact they were mums too was great as they had lots of other useful tips, such as what first aid qualifications to look for when choosing nurseries/ child care. Thoroughly recommended."  July 2017