Bunged Up Abroad

My youngest daughter is fussy but one thing she loves is Weetabix and she eats it for breakfast almost every day. On one of our first holidays abroad as a family we had buffet breakfasts and there was no Weetabix! After we had got over the toddler tantrum which entailed, following this realisation, it soon became clear that this was the least of our problem as she basically refused to eat anything which was not white or beige in colour from the buffet and soon became very constipated! Our recently successfully potty trained happy daughter soon became irritable and started soiling herself. We knew we had to act quickly as constipation generally takes as long to treat as has been present. We f

Flu Fighting

My daughter is an October baby. This meant chilly outings in giant padded snowsuits (which held her tiny, loose limbed form in a stiff scarecrow like pose) in the early days and means she’ll be an older one in her school year. What I didn’t appreciate until a few days ago was that this also means she’ll miss out on the NHS flu vaccine this year as only children who were 2 years old on the 31/08/2019 are eligible. Her brother however, will be lining up with his reception class buddies to have his this week. The flu ‘sniff’ has been given to children since 2013 when it was piloted in several different regions of the country. Since then it has been rolled out to become a national programme and

How do I know if my baby is struggling to breathe?

I sit writing this blog having been awake half the night with my 6 month old, who currently has his 5th cold. He is the youngest of 4 so there’s no prizes for guessing where all these viruses have come from! He has a hacking cough, which makes him sound like a lifelong smoker and a wheeze that you can hear from the next room! As a Mum, I was worried about him – babies frequently sound wheezy with colds as their airways are so small, any mucous blocking them causes the air to whistle past – it’s horrible to see your own baby struggling. I have to put my objective doctor hat on to decide whether to be really worried or not. The following is a guide to knowing when your baby’s breathing is

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