Flat head

Flat head or plagiocephaly in medical terms, often causes parents a lot of anxiety. It is a condition in which one side is flatter than the other side. A baby’s skull can be ‘moulded’ into different shape- something that is very useful when preparing to come through the birth canal! However, a baby’s head can also be moulded by a flat surface and this can cause the face to look unequal. Some babies develop a preference to looking one way rather than both which can make the problem worse. What causes it? · Tight neck muscles · Being premature · Certain sleep positions How can you help? · Encourage different positions of the head when asleep, (always placing your little

Travelling with Food Allergies

In our household, we are on full holiday countdown. My son can’t decide if he’s more excited about going on the aeroplane or the Paw Patrol pool inflatable, my husband and I are dreamily visualising our evenings of cool rose sundowners and sleeping children (!) and my baby is none the wiser but already disappointingly adept at pulling her sunhat off. As the sole medic in a group of families travelling together, I feel a responsibility to be equipped for all circumstances and so whilst I haven’t yet packed so much as a t-shirt for myself, our travel first aid kit is ready to go. One of the children in our group has food allergies so I’m also learning first-hand how useful my own travel advice

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