Keep Calm and Carry...

As a mum, you get things done in whatever way works. What is (just about) working for me today whilst I write this blog, is standing in my kitchen doing the familiar mummy sway as my four month old daughter snoozes (finally) in a sling on my chest. The sling has been my saviour with baby number two. My son at two and a half has perfected manoeuvres such as the ‘loose limbed fall to the floor’ and the ‘windmill around a held hand’ when he disagrees with proceedings. With my daughter in a sling, I at least know that if he occupies a hundred percent of my attention during one of these moments then she is still safe. Not to mention that the close proximity in which she is held is comforting and

Bronchiolitis in Babies

We wrote this piece for pocket nannies but thought it might be useful to share here too! It’s the time of year for coughs and colds and unfortunately, babies are vulnerable and catch the winter viruses that are doing the rounds. Last year, when my youngest was 9 months old, we ended up in A&E as he had breathing difficulties caused by bronchiolitis, and this typically happened the day before I was due to return to work! He was in good company, however as every year, 2% of all babies are admitted to hospital with bronchiolitis and this is the main reason Paediatricians are so busy in the winter months! Bronchiolitis (not to be confused with bronchitis) is caused by a virus that might cause

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